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    The Heart Principle

    To be honest, I had doubts going into this one because The Kiss Quotient was just okay for me.... after reading a few reviews from people saying that they didn't care for TKQ but that they really liked this one, I said okay, let's go.

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    To be honest, I didn't know what I was getting into with this book. This book, which I chose thinking it would be an easy, light-hearted read ended up surprising me.

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    The Angel Maker

    I was so excited to have been approved to read this book, one of, if not THE most-anticipated thrillers of 2023. I really liked The Whisper Man and The Shadows was decent, and this book has the same sinister quality as those.

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    How to Stop Time

    One thing that Matt Haig does so well is write about the nuance of the human experience. I love the way his mind works to come up with creative ways to explore everything about what it means to be humans, specifically in this novel, the way we let our emotions control us.

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    Magic Knot

    This is a technique that was one of the most difficult for me to master, mostly because my brain couldn't focus on and follow the multiple strands of yarn as it was shown in other tutorials. Just in case there are others whose brains are wired like mine, I thought I would share how I look at it to maybe make it make sense to others too.

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    What Have We Done

    One of the years most anticipated thrillers of the year is the latest from Alex Finlay, author of Night Shift and Every Last Year.

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    When We Left Cuba

    This is the second book in The Perez Family series by Chanel Cleeton. I'm happy to report that, in my opinion, this book is just as good as the first one! In fact, I think I liked it better.

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    Of Manners and Murder

    Well, now, that was just delightful! It's like a murder in Bridgerton being solved by Enola Holmes...fancy dinners, beautiful people, and murder.