Crochet Classroom Valentines

Hi friends!

With the holidays over and the decorations coming down, and all the retailers trotting out their Valentine’s Day wares, I wanted to share a cute, quick, and easy craft you can do for your child’s class room Valentine exchange.

My oldest LOVED these a few years ago, and now that my youngest is that age as well, it’s time for his turn with mom’s handmade Valentines. Plus they are a great stash-buster project, so win-win!

There are a TON of heart patterns out there (just search ‘crochet heart’ on Pinterest to see), but for mine, I used the free heart pattern from The Loopy Stitch. Hop over there, make up as many hearts as you want or need! For my pencils, I wanted to keep them a little smaller, so I didn’t do the last round of single crochet in the pattern. Of course, you could always size down the hook size. I was having a Kristen-brain moment and didn’t think of that at the time.

Once you have all your hearts, grab your rustic pencils (I used these, but they also have a colored pencil variety too!). Then, just hot glue them to your pencils (be careful, that glue gun tip is HOT), and let cool. Voila!

I made up a quick little tag for them, just something cute to tie on to the pencil. Cute, right?!

Other Ideas For Crochet Hearts

Want to know a couple other fun ways to use these little hearts? They can be glued (with fabric glue) to card stock to make cute book marks, like I have done in the past, a quick and easy Valentine for your book club group!

Or use your heart as an applique on a cup cozy to give as Valentine gifts to your kids’ teachers! Not sure how to make a cozy? No problem! I have my Basic Crochet Cup Cozy pattern you can use, and at the bottom of that post, you’ll also see the FREE printable insert for your gifting or selling pleasure! I used fabric glue here again to adhere them to the cup cozy.

WARNING: make sure to put a small piece of cardboard inside the cozy before gluing, so that you don’t accidentally glue the cozy together. Trust me…been there!

Or string a bunch of them together to make a fun heart garland, whatever floats your boat! The possibilities are endless!

I hope you liked this quick crafty post! Let me know how you use your little hearts!

Until next time!

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