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Magic Circle Crochet Tutorial

Hello friends!

I’m here with another crochet tutorial, this time for the Magic Circle, AKA Magic Ring!

The traditional way of creating the magic circle was a bit confusing to me, (see this and this), so I do mine a little differently. I’m going to show you my method and hopefully if the traditional method has confounded you in the past, you’ll be able to use this one instead!

Let’s get started!

Magic Circle Tutorial

The Magic Circle, also known as the Magic Ring, is a fun little trick you can use to avoid that little gap in the center of your work when crocheting in the round.  It’s magic because you just pull the tail when you’re finished with your first round and it will cinch completely closed!

This is a bit tricky when it’s brand new, but once you have mastered it, you’ll never look back. Don’t be intimidated, you can do this!

I’ve filmed a quick tutorial video for you, if you prefer to see this in action, otherwise, step-by-step photos will follow.

Step 1
Cross your yarn tail over your working yarn to form a loop.

Step 2
Fold your loop down on top of your working yarn.

Step 3
Insert your crochet hook under the part of the working yarn that is encircled by the loop and pull it up through the loop.

Step 4
Secure your magic circle with a chain 1.

Step 5
Begin working the first round of your pattern’s stitches into the center of the magic circle, taking care to hold your magic circle at the place where your yarn tail and magic circle are twisted upon each other.  Pull yarn tail securely to close the gap. Magic!

You did it! You are ready to start your next hat, or doily, or whatever floats your boat! I hope this tutorial helped you! Let me know if there is another technique or stitch you’d like to see a tutorial on!

Happy stitching!

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