The Ultimate Guide to Spring & Summer Makes for Markets

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The weather here in the northern hemisphere is starting to warm, trees are starting to bud, flowers to bloom, and people are dying to get back outside without freezing their petunias off. For us crocheters, that means it’s officially the slow season. But just because it’s slow doesn’t mean it’s dead.

I don’t know about you, but I want to get back outside too, and I want to do some spring and summer markets as part of that. But then there’s the age old question of what can crocheters make for these seasons? The answer: more than you think! With the rising popularity of slow fashion and boho lifestyle, plus a demand for ecologically friendly items, more people are returning to handmade items than ever before.

I know with the crazy COVID-19 going around right now, markets are probably the last thing you want to think about, IF they even happen this year. But while we are only at the beginning of this corona virus mess, the fact is that it won’t last forever. So whether you’re prepping for just in case markets this year, planning ahead for next year, or you’re just bored at home with all this social distancing or a self-imposed quarantine, I’ve put together the ultimate list of Spring & Summer crochet makes for markets.

So what can you make for your upcoming spring and summer markets? From market bags to earrings, and wall hangings to summer vests, there are tons of options out there for the warmer months! And, in my experience, one of the keys to a successful market is to have a great selection of items for all different price points. So with that in mind, I’ve put together the ultimate list of best sellers at craft fairs from bloggers all around the inter-webs, and, BONUS, they all happen to be FREE! Wooowooo! So let’s dive in! (pool pun intended)

Around the House

These beautifully textured dishcloths are a pretty addition to your kitchen, and if you can single crochet, then you can make this Easy Textured Dishcloth by Maria’s Blue Crayon.

Photo Cred: Maria’s Blue Crayon

In line with eco-friendly around the house, reusable mop covers are a win too. The Easy Crochet Mop Cover from Grace And Yarn is a quick and easy pattern made to fit over a Swiffer mop head.

Photo Cred: Grace and Yarn

Face scrubbies are always a great seller for me, and there are several great options out there! They are eco-friendly, machine wash and dry, and also a great way to use up scraps, so win-win! One of my past go-tos for face scrubbies has been the Craftaholics Anonymous guest post by Loopsan. These Crochet Face Scrubbies work up super quickly!

Photo Cred: Craftaholics Anonymous

If you want a bit more texture with your scrubbies, check out my friend Jill from Gumleaf Crochet’s Saturn Face Scrubbie which features sweet little bobbles all around.

Photo Cred: Gumleaf Crochet

Another beautifully textured washcloth, the Broken Rib Crochet Washcloth by Jessie At Home is a great idea to pair with the face scrubbies above. Make them in coordinating colors and encourage your customers to purchase as a spa set!

Photo Cred: Jessie At Home

Who doesn’t hate the noise some chairs make as they screech across the floor? And those little felt pads always seem to be coming off. Ugh! So annoying! Enter these Crochet Chair Socks by Knitting With Chopsticks.

Photo Cred: Knitting with Chopsticks

Baskets are another great idea for all year round markets, because who can’t use a basket or two or ten? These Mini Nesting Baskets from Yarn + Chai are so cute and give a variety of sizes to suit whatever needs you have!

Photo Cred: Yarn + Chai

Looking for some fun summer home decor items to offer? The cacti trend is so hot right now (see what I did there? I can’t WAIT for warm weather!).

A Crafty Concept has her Cactus Pillow that includes a video tutorial, and it is so fun!

Photo Cred: A Crafty Concept

Or there are these cute Mother’s Day Cacti from With Alex, which would be so cute sitting on a table or bookshelf.

Photo Cred: With Alex

To The Market

Along with the same eco-friendly push we are seeing, reusable market bags are always a great addition to your spring and summer market offerings. Plus, if your customers buy one of your market bags, they’ll have to load it up with some of your other items too, right? There are so many amazing patterns out there for these that I could probably do an entire post on them! But for now, here are some of my favorites.

The Market Day Bag from LeitherCo is such a pretty stitch pattern, and it fits more than you think!

Photo Cred: Leither Co

Or there’s my Intermediate Level Marigold Market Bag that came out last year as a crochet-a-long. The pattern is super versatile, too! You can work it as written for a beautiful bag, or work only the mandala portion for a lovely doily, or work the first several rounds for a pretty coaster, which would also make a great addition to your booth offerings. I even had one of my testers make up a second bag using only the mandala portion and then making a circle purse out of it!

Another great bag is the beginner-friendly March Market Bag from Desert Blossom Crafts. It works a number of different stitches but walks you through all of them.

Photo Cred: Desert Blossom Crafts

And if you’re offering reusable market bags, be sure to whip up a couple of these Simple Produce Crochet Bags from Pink Plumeria Maui too!

Photo Cred: Pink Plumeria Maui

For the Kids

Moms and anyone else shopping for little girls would love some of these pretty Quick And Easy Hair Clips by Grace and Yarn.

Photo Cred: Grace and Yarn

If you’re not afraid of a little color work, consider making some of these Native Print Drawstring Bags by Loopingly Made as well, if you anticipate people shopping for little girls.

Photo Cred: Loopingly Made

Easter is coming up, and if you have a market before then, you may want to make some of these adorable Easiest Crochet Bunny Stuffy Ever from A Crafty Concept.

Photo Cred: A Crafty Concept

With summer on the horizon, people will be stocking up on popsicles. Whip up some of these quick DIY Adjustable Freeze Pop Sleeves from Sigoni Macaroni.

Photo Cred: Sigoni Macaroni

Fun Odds and Ends

How fun are these beginner-friendly Boho Mug Rugs by Tender Warm Creations? Sweet fringe and allll the boho vibes.

Photo Cred: Tender Warm Creations

Another take on the boho vibes for the advanced beginner crocheter, my Marigold Boho Coaster pattern serves up two different looks with the same pattern: Perfect Peaks or Pretty Petals! Psssst! These coasters are made from the mandala pattern used in the Marigold Market Bag above!

Where are my Aldi lovers? Ashley at HeartHookHome has a great pattern to hold your quarter until you’re ready to put it in the cart.

Photo Cred: Heart Hook Home

Lose your chapstick again? Leave it in your other purse? We’ve all been there, and so have your potential customers. So whip up some of these quick Keychain Chapstick Holders by Jen Hayes Creations and watch them fly into your customers’ hands!

Photo Cred: Jen Hayes Creations

No matter the season or temperature, we all still have our favorite hot and cold bevies. Whip up some of these XOXO Cup Cozies and XOXO Cold Cup Cozies and be sure to grab the free printable inserts while they last!

Want a real winner this year at your spring and summer markets? Whip up some earrings! The Crafty Loop Earrings from A Crafty Concept are deceptively easier than you think and are a crowd favorite.

Photo Cred: A Crafty Concept

Or try out these Round Dip-Dyed Earrings by EyeLoveKnots as another option!

Photo Cred: EyeLoveKnots

Who can’t use a cute pouch to store their sunglasses in their purses? This super cute Sea Glass Sunglasses Pouch by Cute As A Button Crochet even comes with a free printable insert! Win!

Photo Cred: Cute as a Button Crochet

Whew, what a list! I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new projects for your upcoming Spring and Summer markets!

Happy making!

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