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My 6 Favorite Essential Oils

Hello everyone!

Last week, I told you a little bit of how I got into using essential oils, and today, I want to share with you my 6 favorite oils / blends from doTerra. So here we go!


They don’t call this the ‘king of oils’ for nothing! Occasionally referred to as a booster oil, or an oil that helps boost the beneficial properties of oils it is combined with, I probably use this oil the most. It goes into just about every roller bottle blend, every diffuser blend, and I take several drops per day in a veggie capsule.

I’m not going to lie, it’s one of the more precious (read: expensive) oils that are offered, but it’s worth it to me for the benefits I’ve seen with it. The cell regenerative properties of frankincense make it a great addition to your beauty regime, or use it on wounds and scars to facilitate healing and minimization of any scars, and because it is one of the few oils that can breach the blood-brain barrier, I find that it has dramatically helped me with mental capacity as well. Read more about how it is distilled, other properties and uses, and more here.

I started using oils before my mastectomy and subsequent surgeries. I credit frankincense for the fact that my incisions healed more quickly and only with faint scarring. In fact, it was so remarkable that my surgeons and oncologists were flabbergasted.

Another hard truth, it’s not the best tasting oil, though you do get used to it. Because of how much I take each day, I take frankincense orally in a veggie capsule, so I don’t taste a thing!

I have found frankincense to be remarkable in its ability to clear up a lot of the brain fog that comes as a result of chemo, kids, and anti-estrogen medicines. In fact, I think that every prescription and injection I take has brain fog as a major side effect, so this oil has truly been invaluable to me. On the few times I ran out before I could get more in, I noticed an obvious depreciation in my mental capacity. Even my husband notices when I’ve run out!

Breathe Respiratory Blend



Ahhhhhhh, the blend that started it all for me.

I was diagnosed with asthma around age 5 or 6, and living in one of the worst cities for allergies (St. Louis, MO), which can exacerbate my asthma, it is remarkable that I’ve been able to skate by without using any maintenance medication for it for as long as I have. Part of that is due to the conditioning that comes with daily running, and part of it is really just luck I think. That said, I’ve still have occasions where I find myself short on breath, and it was on one such occasion that I first gave Breathe a try.

I had won a Breathe Touch roller during a contest, so when I found myself unable to get any steady breaths one morning, I grabbed it and rolled it onto my diaphragm and chest, and inhaled it as well. Guys, it was almost IMMEDIATE. I felt everything loosen up and I could breathe again, better than I could have using the (ashamedly) expired rescue inhaler I had. That was the event that tipped me over the line into oily territory.

Breathe is a proprietary respiratory blend from doTERRA (meaning you can only find this particular recipe for this blend at doTERRA, though other companies have their own versions of these blends) that you can read more about here. Aside from helping me breathe, I also really like the scent. It’s perfect to apply to diaphragms and chests when you or a loved one is sick with a cold, but I also run it in the diffuser during those times as well. It also features prominently in a cough and congestion blend I make (more on that later). doTERRA also makes a Breathe Vapor Stick and Respiratory Drops, though I have yet to personally try either.


Here we are with another booster oil! But where Frankincense works on a cellular level, copaiba is all about the nervous system. This is the closest thing to CBD oil that doTERRA offers. The beta-caryophyllene it contains helps soothe feelings of anxiousness and promote cardiovascular and immune benefits. Like frankincense, I add this to most of my personal blends, and I add it to the veggie capsule as well. Read more about copaiba here.


I’m an earthy soul. Nothing resets my system quite the way being out in nature does, so it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to earthy scents. Balance, doTERRA’s proprietary grounding blend, has a wonderful woodsy smell to it and works to help me unwind when I can’t get out in the woods. Read more about this blend here.


Need to freshen up a room quickly? Want a little mid-afternoon pick me up without caffeine? Looking to make some all-natural cleaners? Use lemon oil for all these and more! I keep a bottle in the kitchen for washing produce (a drop or two in a food grade bowl plus a drop or two of apple cider vinegar plus cold water makes a great fruit wash), or baking lemon treats, or just to diffuse. The scent acts as a pick me up for both mood and energy. Just be careful applying it topically (even if diluted) when you plan to be out in the sun. Like all the other citrus oils, lemon is photosensitive and should not be applied topically when you plan to be out in the sun. Find out more about the beneficial properties of lemon here.

Citrus Bliss

I know, I’m sorry, another proprietary blend, but seriously this stuff smells so freaking good. This is doTERRA’s invigorating blend. I love diffusing this as a mood and energy boost, and I also like to combine it with another proprietary blend called Elevate in a roller bottle to wear as perfume. I always get compliments when I wear it! They also have soap, hand lotion and deodorant options with this blend as well. Find out more about Citrus Bliss here.

Lifelong Vitality Supplements

I’m cheating a bit here…I told you that I was going over my favorite 6 oils, and these aren’t oils, but they ARE worth mentioning. When I first started noticing the side effects of the medications I take, one of the first things I knew I needed to do was to balance my vitamins and minerals. I am ashamed to admit that I don’t do the best at making sure I get all the veggies I need, and as I’ve gotten older, there are things I need now that I didn’t before, things to support all the different body systems. That started with Lifelong Vitality supplements (LLV).

About a month after I began taking them, I noticed an increased metabolism, more energy, and peace of mind that comes from knowing I’m finally getting all the essential vitamins and nutrients that my body needs.

LLV comes in a 30 day supply of three complex blends: xEO Mega, Alpha CRS+, and Microplex VMz. There are supplemental complexes you can order with the set at a discounted rate too. I’m not going to lie to you…there are a lot of pills with this system — 4 from each bottle per day — but you can start with just one or two per day from each bottle and work your way up. Others use only half the recommended dose per day and still see benefits. Make it what you want based on the diet you consume.

Be sure to check out my Pinterest page, particularly my Essentially Oiled Machine board and pin away! If you’re looking for something in particular, or have a question about how I use my oils, feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to answer any questions I can!

Smell ya later 😉 !

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