An olive wood cutting board holds a candle and a glass of white wine with some Christmas greenery dusted with snow and sprigs of red berries next to a bottle of wine encased in a crocheted wine sleeve in an olive green color.

Merry + Bright Wine Sleeve

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Hi there, friends!

I’m so excited because today is a day that has been a year in the making! It’s finally release-day for the Merry + Bright Wine Sleeve!

You may remember seeing my earlier version of this wine sleeve from almost a year ago if you are following along with me on Instagram. I whipped up a bunch of these beauties to give to several family members and friends as a fun way of dressing up bottles of wine.

Sadly, I didn’t have the time just then to write up the pattern, so I tucked it away for later. I made a couple adjustments to the overall pattern, trading the shell stitch “ruffles” and drawstring closure for cute little peekaboo handles that give it a slightly more polished and modern look.

There were two things that stayed the same though between the original version and this new one: the stitch and the yarn.

The Kiss Stitch

I have had so much fun working up new patterns using this fun little stitch I nicknamed after first making my XOXO Throw (P.S. If you haven’t heard the fantastic frog story involved with that throw, you should head to that post and be entertained…it was a doozy!). This past spring, I shared my Cup Cozy and Cold Cup Cozy patterns using this stitch, and now I’m adding to the series with this new wine sleeve!

Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Worsted

Last year, I fell in love with the softness and the color palette offered in the Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Worsted line. They have such a great line of products in their Everyday line (they have a Bulky version and their new Bobbins too! Swoon!). It is soooo soft and super durable, and it bounces right back into shape after stretching! Win!

Merry + Bright Wine Sleeve Crochet Pattern

by Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust

Materials List

Stitches & Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • Magic Circle – full tutorial available here
  • Chain (ch)
  • Chain Space (ch sp)
  • Skip (sk)
  • Slip Stitch (sl st)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Back Loop Only (BLO)
  • Increase (inc): work 2 sc into the same stitch
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Kiss Stitch (kiss) – full tutorial available here

Finished Measurements

Fits Most Standard Size Wine Bottles
Base Diameter: 3.25 in / 8.26 cm
Height: 12 in / 30.5 cm


Base Rounds 1-8 = 3.25″ / 8.3 cm dia
*anything in the 3.25 – 3.50 in / 8.3 – 8.9 cm range is acceptable


  • This pattern is written in US Standard terms and is classified as Advanced Beginner.
  • Photo and video tutorials for the special stitches of this pattern are linked here: Magic Circle, Kiss Stitch in the Round.
  • This pattern is worked in joined rounds from the bottom up
  • This pattern can be altered for size or tension by changing your hook size up/down
    • If you need to adjust the starting number of stitches worked in Round 1 to adjust for size or tension, you will need to make sure your final round of the Base ends in a stitch multiple of 3 to work the pattern correctly.
  • Chain stitches at beginning of rounds do not count as a stitch unless otherwise noted.
    • Chain-4s at the beginning of kiss stitch rounds DO COUNT as a double crochet + chain-1.
  • If you’d prefer a convenient, printable PDF version of this pattern, which includes all special stitch photo tutorials mentioned above (with links to video tutorials for each), as well as a helpful row tracker and a stitch chart for visual reference – available in the paid pattern only, visit my Etsy and Ravelry shops!

***An inexpensive, convenient printable version of this pattern is available for purchase in my Etsy and Ravelry stores, complete with full-color photo tutorials for all special stitches and linked to supplemental videos on my YouTube channel, as well as a helpful stitch chart and round tracker with stitch counts. The paid version also includes a consolidated version of the pattern, stripped down to just the round by round instructions and any pertinent notes.
Thank you for your support!***


This pattern is worked in joined rounds. Chain stitches at the beginning of rounds do not count as a stitch unless otherwise mentioned. Chain stitches at the beginning of kiss stitch rounds DO COUNT as a stitch. Stitch counts are given in ( ) after the round instructions.


The base will be worked in joined rounds, increasing each round by the same number of starting stitches to form a standard flat circle, but it’s written so as to stagger the increases in each round so that they form a more circular shape instead of the typical hexagonal shape that starts to form when the increases are stacked. As written, we will start with 6 single crochets and increase by 6 stitches in each subsequent round. If you need to adjust for size or tension, size your hook up / down accordingly. If you decide to adjust your number of starting stitches from 6 to another number, ensure you end with a multiple of 3 in your final base round. When testing this pattern, base size varied slightly depending on hook size and/or tension, but anything within the 3.25” – 3.50” range (8.3 – 8.9cm) should fit perfectly.

It is recommended but not required to place a stitch marker at the first stitch of each round to help you know where to join with a slip stitch to close the round then removing it to use for the subsequent round(s).

R1: Ch 1, sc 6 into magic circle, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (6)

NOTE: Click here for a tutorial showing you how to make the magic circle.

NOTE: Alternatively, if you prefer not to work into a magic circle, you can ch 3, sl st to the first ch to form a circle. Work your first round of stitches into the center of that circle.

R2: Ch 1, inc in each stitch around, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (12)

NOTE: I recommend placing a stitch marker in the first sc of your rounds, as described above.

PRO TIP: When you see the “inc” instruction, which stands for “increase,” that means to work two stitches into the indicated stitch(es). In this case, “inc” means you will work two single crochet stitches into each of the stitches from the previous round.

R3: Ch 1, *inc, sc next; repeat from * around, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (18)

PRO TIP: When you see an asterisk (*) in your row or round instructions, that indicates the stitch pattern to repeat in a particular row/round. In this case, you will work an increase (as described above) in the first stitch, then one single crochet in the second stitch from the previous round, and then repeat that sequence across each of the subsequent series of two stitches from the previous round.

R4: Ch 1, sc, *inc next, sc 2, repeat from * around until two sts remain, inc next, sc last, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (24)

PRO TIP: When you see a number come after a stitch instruction, that means to work that stitch for the next indicated number of stitches. In this case, ‘sc 2’ means you’ll work 1 single crochet in each of the next two stitches.

PRO TIP: You’ll notice as you continue to work subsequent rounds, your stitch count for that round is the product of the starting number of stitches (in this case 6) times the number of the round you’re working on (in this case 4) = stitch count for that round (in this case 24).

R5: Ch 1, *sc 3, inc next, repeat from * around, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (30)

R6: Ch 1, sc 2, *inc next, sc 4, repeat from * around until three sts remain, inc next, sc 2, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (36)

R7: Ch 1, *inc, sc 5, repeat from * around, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (42)

R8: Ch 1, sc 3, *inc next, sc 6, repeat from * around until four sts remain, inc next, sc 3, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (48)


From this point on, we will build upwards, maintaining the same number of overall stitches each round. Working the beginning of the kiss stitch rounds may be a bit tricky at first, but once you have the hang of it, you’ll speed right along, I’m sure!

R9 (Single Crochet Round): Ch 1, sc BLO in each stitch around, sl st to the top of the first sc of the round to join. (48)

R10 – 12 (Single Crochet Rounds): Ch 1, sc in each stitch around, sl st to the top of the first sc of the round to join. (48)

R13 (Kiss Stitch Round): Ch 4 (counts as a dc + ch-1), WORKING BACKWARDS TO THE RIGHT, sk 1, dc next.

WORKING FORWARD TO THE LEFT *sk 2 (not including the stitch at the base of the ch-4), dc next, ch 1, dc into first skipped stitch, leaving the second skipped stitch unworked. Repeat from * around, join with a sl st to the 3rd chain in the beginning ch-4 of the round, where you placed your stitch marker. (16 kiss sts)

To see this stitch pattern worked live, you can watch this quick video.

PRO TIP: Work the 3rd chain of your starting ch-4 slightly larger than the others, as you will be working a slip stitch into it to join the round, and you will start your next round by working into that same chain.

PRO TIP: Place a stitch marker in that same 3rd chain so that you don’t lose track of it at the end of the round when you’re ready to join.

R14 (Single Crochet Round): Ch 1, sc in each stitch and ch sp around, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (48)

R15 – 18: Repeat R13 – 14 TWO more times. (48)

NOTE: That’s the first pattern repeat!

PRO TIP: The words ‘pattern repeat’ refer to the series of rows/rounds that are repeated over the course of the pattern, in this case R10 – 18. Think of them as pattern blocks that are worked a certain number of times.

R19 – 45: Repeat R 10 – 18 THREE MORE times for a total of 4 pattern repeats. (48)

Do NOT tie off!


Whew! You’re in the home stretch now! It’s time to put the finishing touches on. We are going to make small openings for fingers to grab the top of our wine sleeve.

R46: Ch 1, sc 18, ch 6, sk 6, sc 18, ch 6, sk 6, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (48)

R47: Ch 1, *sc 18, sc 8 in the ch-6 sp, repeat from * around, sl st to the first sc of the round to join. (52)

R48: Ch 1, sc 21, inc, inc, sc 24, inc, inc, sc 3, sl st to the top of the first sc of the round to join. (56)

Tie off, weave in ends!

You did it! Not only does it work up super quick for any last-minute gifting, it looks super pretty and allows for the receiver to use it again for someone else!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern and found it easy to follow!  If not, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  Email me at

I would LOVE to see your make!  Should you choose to share, use the tag(s) #MerryBrightWineSleeve and /or #LaBelleVieForMe to share your makes with me @HooksBooksWanderlust on Instagram and/or Facebook!

Happy gifting!

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All rights reserved. This design, pattern, images and any videos are the property of Kristen Caldwell via La Belle Vie Mais Oui and This pattern is for personal use. Items made using this pattern can be sold with credit given to Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust. In accordance with U.S. copyright laws, you may not alter, sell, or distribute this pattern in whole or in part, in any way without express written permission from Kristen Caldwell.

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