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XOXO Bookmark

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Hello there, my bookish hooker!

Earlier this year, I sent out the pattern for this XOXO Bookmark to my email list and today, I’m sharing it with you here on the blog!

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ANYway, the bookmark pattern. Since making a few for the giveaway prize (including the one I’m sharing here and one more I still need to write up), I knew I wanted to finally get this one posted on the blog for free for anyone who wants to make it.

I’m writing this pattern recipe style so that you can use whatever yarn you want with whatever hook size you prefer and make it as big as you want! But don’t worry, I’ll provide a few guidelines for you along the way.

The Stitches

The best thing about this little project is that it is made of only basic stitches! The trickiest thing is the foundation single crochet (FSC) stitch, but I’ve got you covered with a photo and video tutorial for that here. I also use a combination of chain stitch and crossed double crochets to make what I call the kiss stitch, which you can find a photo and video tutorial for that right here.

The Yarn

You can use whatever yarn scraps you have on hand, yay for scrap busters! I used some WeCrochet CotLin I had leftover from my Iris Table Runner, as well as some Hobby Lobby Artiste thread that I had in my stash. See above picture gallery to compare. I prefer a thinner bookmark, so I haven’t tried anything thicker than the CotLin, a CYC 3 DK weight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a whirl! I recommend starting with using the hook size recommended on your yarn label and see how you like the look and feel of it. You can always go up or down a hook size if you need. 🙂

XOXO Bookmark Crochet Pattern

by Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust

Materials List

  • Yarn/Thread: Use those scraps! See above chart for what I’ve used to make this pattern, but feel free to experiment with other weights too!
  • Hook: varies, I recommend starting with what’s recommended on the label; see the chart above for suggested hook sizes by yarn weight
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

Stitches & Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • Foundation Single Crochet (FSC) – find my photo and video tutorial here
  • Chain (ch)
  • Chain Space (ch sp)
  • Skip (sk)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Double Crochet (dc)
  • Kiss Stitch (kiss) – sk 2, dc next, ch 1, dc in first skipped st; find my photo and video tutorial here

Finished Measurements

Varies, approximately 8″ x 2″ (20.5cm x 5cm)


Not important


  • This pattern is written in US Standard terms and is classified as Beginner
  • Adjusting Size: This pattern can be altered for size by using any beginning multiple of 3 + 2 foundation single crochet stitches (or if using a starting chain, a multiple of 3+2+1).
  • Turning Chains: This pattern is worked in turned rows.
    • Chain-1s at the beginning of single crochet rows do not count as a stitch
    • Chain-3s at the beginning of kiss stitch rows DO COUNT as a double crochet
  • Stitch Counts: Since this is a fixed rectangular size, the stitch count per row will not vary. You will maintain the same number of stitches throughout the pattern.
  • Printable PDF: If you’d prefer, you can find a convenient, printable PDF version of this pattern, including an in-document photo tutorial for the Foundation Single Crochet and Kiss Stitch with linked video tutorials, the full written pattern with all supplemental photos PLUS a helpful stitch chart for visual reference – available in the paid pattern only – visit my Etsy and Ravelry shops!

Why the PDF?

What’s so cool about my PDF? Everything!

My interactive PDFs are written with teaching in mind, complete with photo tutorials for all special stitches (including links to videos), tips and tricks for the pattern itself or reading patterns in general, lots of photos, and charts for those visual learners out there! And best of all, everything is formatted for ease of navigation, allowing you to jump between sections of the pattern with ease!

Not a beginner? I also have a consolidated version (where applicable) of the pattern that’s printer-friendly just for you!

Get your printable PDF version of this pattern below!


This pattern is written recipe-style so that you can use whatever yarn you want with whatever hook size you prefer and make it as big as you want.

Stitch Counts: Because this is a fixed rectangular size, stitch counts will remain the same throughout.

Turning Chains: Keep in mind that this pattern is worked in turned rows and the chain-1s at the beginning of single crochet rows DON’T COUNT as a stitch and turning chain-3s at the beginning of kiss stitch rows DO COUNT as a double crochet. 

R1: Work FSC in a multiple of 3+2 until you’ve reached your desired width. (Make note of your total stitch count for this row, as every single crochet row to follow will have the same stitch count.)

NOTE: To jump to my Foundation Single Crochet tutorial, click here. If you prefer to use a foundation chain, chain a multiple of 3+2+1 and single crochet into the back bump of the 2nd chain from your hook. Not sure what the back bump is? See my Crochet 101: Getting Started video here.

PRO TIP: When you see verbiage like “stitch multiple” or “multiple of ” followed by a number, this is referring to the number of foundation stitches that are required to make one repeat of the stitch pattern. This is the number you look to when you need to change the width of your foundation row. In this case, each kiss stitch needs 3 stitches to complete it, two double crochets and a chain stitch, hence the stitch multiple is 3. Because we start and end each kiss stitch row with a double crochet, we need to +2 to our multiple of 3 in order to work the full pattern. If you opt for a foundation chain, you’ll need to also +1 for the turning chain that doesn’t count as a stitch.

R2 (kiss): Ch 3 (counts as a dc), sk 1st stitch, *work a kiss stitch across the next 3 stitches, repeat from * until one stitch remains from the previous row, dc into the last stitch. (Make note of your total number of kiss stitches for this row, as every kiss stitch row to follow will have the same stitch count.)

NOTE: I recommend making the third chain in your beginning ch-3 slightly looser than the others, as you will be working into it in the following row.

NOTE: To work the kiss stitch, sk 2, dc next, ch 1, then crossing over the dc you just made, dc into the first skipped stitch, leaving the second skipped stitch unworked. Find a full photo and video tutorial here.

PRO TIP: When you see an asterisk (*) in a line of instructions, it indicates a set of specific stitches you are supposed to repeat a specified number of times before moving on to the next instruction for that row/round. In this case, you will be working a kiss stitch for every 3 stitches all the way across the row until you reach the last stitch from the previous row.

R3 (sc): Ch 1 (doesn’t count as a stitch), sc in 1st stitch, *sc next, sc into ch sp, sc next, repeat from * for each kiss stitch from the previous row, sc into the top of the ch-3 of the previous row. (Stitch count should match R1)

R4 – ??: Continue alternating repeating R2 and R3 until you’re happy with the length of your bookmark, just make sure you end on a repeat of R3 so that you finish with a solid row of single crochet to match the bottom. (Stitch counts remain the same as you noted down in those rows previously)

Tie off, weave in ends.

You did it! Such a quick and gratifying little project, isn’t it? So what book are you going to slip it into? I’m always looking for my next read, so post a picture of your finished bookmark with a book you think I need to read on Instagram (don’t forget to use the #bookishyarnie and #booklovingyarnie tags and enter the giveaway!) and tag me @HooksBooksWanderlust to make sure I see it!

I would LOVE to see your lemons! Should you choose to share, use the tag #LaBelleVieForMe to share your makes with me @HooksBooksWanderlust on Instagram and/or Facebook!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern and found it easy to follow! If not, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Comment below or email me at

Happy making!

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