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Braid on Crochet Tutorial


I recently discovered this fun technique that adds such beautiful texture to whatever you’re working on and I knew I needed to share it with you! Using really tall stitches, you twist the first one into a loop then pull each subsequent stitch through to create a series of connected loops out of your stitches. It’s like cabling without all the front post/back post stitches! It can be a bit of a yarn eater though, so take that into account.

Here are a few tips I’ve noticed working this technique:

  • There’s no stitch multiple, you can use any number of stitches as you want
  • The braid is worked sideways, similar to working in the 3rd loop of a Half Double or Yarn Over Slip Stitch.
  • The taller the stitch you use, the wider the braid
  • Braiding should decrease the height of your tall stitches by about half. So if your unbraided stitches measure 2″ tall, once braided it should measure approximately 1″

With that in mind, grab your yarn and hook and make a swatch of Triple Treble stitches, which is what I use in my sample.

Scroll down for a video tutorial, just in case you need to see it in action.

Photo Tutorial

Video Tutorial

If you want to see this technique in action, I’ve recorded a video tutorial for you as well!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If there’s a stitch you’d like to see me make a tutorial for, let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

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