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Emberly Ear Warmer

**Sponsored Post: Yarn for this design was provided by WeCrochet.**

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Hi there, friends!

Winter is just around the corner, as is all that holiday gift-giving, so today I want to share a quick make you can use for winter markets or last-minute gift ideas! Or, you know, you could just make some for yourself!

And, as part of the WeCrochet-sponsored Winter Wonders Blog Hop hosted by RaeLynn of Itchin’ for some Stitchin’, Sarah of Ned and Mimi, and Hannah of HanJan Crochet, you can grab a PDF copy of this pattern for free. Read on for details!

The Stitches

Y’all know I love me some texture, and the Emberly Ear Warmer delivers on that! Sometimes, that fancy texture uses complicated stitches or patterns to achieve that look, but not in this case! This pattern uses alternating single and treble crochet stitches (US Terms) to make all those little bumps of texture.

The Yarn

As I mentioned above, WeCrochet sponsored this event and was kind enough to send me several colors of their Wool of the Andes Worsted and Worsted Tweed to try out. I just love all the muted shades of this line of yarn, and being 100% wool means that it will be warm to wear but still breathe. Score! And, if you’re making this in two colors as written, you’ll have enough yarn leftover yarn to get a second ear warmer out of them by reversing the colors. Score again!

Before we get to the pattern, how would you like to hear about a way you can get not only THIS printable PDF pattern for free but many more too?!

Winter Wonders Blog Hop

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Okay then, on to the good stuff!!

Emberly Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

by Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust

Please note that this free version is written for a Women’s Size Small, which fits a head circumference of 22″ / 48cm.

The pattern notes contain information helpful in adapting this to other sizes, OR you may purchase the PDF version of this pattern, which is written for 6 sizes Toddler – Adult Large.

The PDF features the full written pattern, which contains full-color supplemental photos, helpful crochet tips and tricks, and a linked video to make this pattern from start to finish. The PDF also includes step-by-step photo tutorials and linked video tutorials for all special stitches, a consolidated pattern stripped down to just row instructions for more experienced crocheters, and a handy stitch chart.

Why the PDF?

What’s so cool about my PDF? Everything!

My interactive PDFs are written with teaching in mind, complete with photo tutorials for all special stitches (including links to videos), tips and tricks for the pattern itself or reading patterns in general, lots of photos, and charts for those visual learners out there! And best of all, everything is formatted for ease of navigation, allowing you to jump between sections of the pattern with ease!

Not a beginner? I also have a consolidated version (where applicable) of the pattern that’s printer-friendly just for you!

Get your printable PDF version of this pattern below!

Materials List

Stitches & Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • Chain (ch)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Foundation Single Crochet (FSC) – find the tutorial here
  • Yarn Over Slip Stitch (yoslst) – find the tutorial here
  • Single Crochet in 3rd loop only (sc3LO)
  • Treble Crochet (tr)

Finished Measurements

Women’s Size Small for head circumference 22″ / 48 cm.

Row 1 Length: 21″
Finished Rectangle*: 22″ x 4″ (56 cm x 10cm)

*laid flat, prior to seaming


4″ (10cm) square = 13 sts x 17 pattern rows
Gauge Swatch: FSC 19 and follow the pattern as written


  • This pattern is written in US Standard terms and is classified as Advanced Beginner.
  • Tutorials: Photo tutorials for the Foundation Single Crochet and Yarn Over Slip Stitch with supplemental video tutorials are linked above in the Stitches & Abbreviations section.
  • Size/Tension: This pattern can be altered for size or tension by adding or subtracting foundation stitches in multiples of 2+1, or by adjusting hook size up/down accordingly
    • Make to fit: FSC an odd # of stitches to a length equal to 1″ (2.5 cm) less than actual head circumference
  • Height: To make a taller band, substitute a half double crochet for any yarn over slip stitches.
  • Turning Chains: Chain stitches at the beginning of rounds do not count as a stitch.
  • Premium PDF Pattern: If you’d prefer a convenient PDF version of this pattern, written for 6 sizes (Toddler – Adult Large), visit my Etsy and/or Ravelry shops! PDF includes:
    • Full Written Pattern with supplemental photos and helpful tips and tricks
    • Photo tutorials and linked video tutorials for special stitches
    • Linked video pattern showing ear warmer from start to finish
    • Printer-Friendly Consolidated Pattern for more experienced crocheters
    • Stitch Chart


This pattern is worked in a rectangle then the ends are folded, sandwiched, and seamed together to make the “twist.” As such, you will work in turned rows and chain stitches at the beginning of rows DO NOT count as a stitch. Stitch counts are given at the end of row instructions in ( ).


Your ear warmer will start out as a rectangle whose finished length should be equal to the head circumference and a width of 4” (10cm). Note that R1 should be 1” (2.5cm) short, as the rest of the rows’ stitches will expand it to full length as you work.

Begin with Color A

R1: FSC 71.  (71)

NOTE: Your first row should be approximately 1” (2.5cm) short of actual head circumference since the rest of your rows will stretch it out to make up for that difference.

NOTE: To view my tutorial for the foundation single crochet (FSC), click here. Alternatively, chain 72 and single crochet into the back bump of the second chain from your hook and in each chain across. If you don’t know what the back bump is, check out my video here. However, chain stitches are much tighter than foundation stitches, so you may want to go up a hook size or two for your chain stitches if you choose this method so that it doesn’t pull your work.

R2: Ch 1, yoslst into the first stitch and into each stitch across (71)

NOTE: To view my tutorial for the yarn over slip stitch (yoslst), click here.

NOTE: Make the band of your ear warmer a little taller by substituting the taller half double crochet in place of the yarn over slip stitch here and throughout.

R3: Ch 1, sc3LO in the first stitch and in each across (71)

Cut yarn and change to Color B

PRO TIP: When you go to cut your yarn, you’ll want to leave a tail at least 6″ (15 cm) long for weaving in securely later.

PRO TIP: When I am ready to begin working with my new color, I crochet over the tails left from my color change. Just set the tails on top of the stitches of your previous row and work right over them, sandwiching them between the stitches. I usually do this for about a third of the length of those tails, leaving the rest to weave back in the other direction later.

R4: Ch 1, sc in the first stitch and in each across. (71)

R5: Ch 1, sc in the first stitch, *tr, sc, repeat from * across the row, ending with a sc in the last stitch. (36 sc, 35 tr)

PRO TIP: Asterisks (*) indicate the series of stitches to repeat in succession as you work the row.

NOTE: The “wrong side” of the fabric will be facing you as you work this row and you’ll notice that the bumpy texture created in it will be pushed to the front or “right side” of your work. Push out any bumps that aren’t with your fingers when you’ve finished with the row.

R6: Ch 1, sc in the first stitch and in each across. (71)

Cut yarn and change to Color A.

R7: Ch 1, sc in the first stitch and in each across. (71)

R8: Ch 1, yoslst in the first stitch and in each across.  (71)

R9: Ch 1, sc3LO in the first stitch and in each across.  (71)

R10: Repeat R8

R11: Repeat R9

NOTE: If you’d like, you can change the width of your ear warmer by adding or subtracting a repeat of both R8-9.

Cut yarn and change to Color B.

R12: Ch 1, sc in the first stitch and in each across. (71)

R13: Ch 1, sc in the first stitch, *tr, sc, repeat from * across the row, ending with a sc in the last stitch. (36 sc, 35 tr)

R14: Ch 1, sc in the first stitch and in each across.  (71)

Cut yarn and change to Color A.

R15: Ch 1, sc in the first stitch and in each across.  (71)

R16: Ch 1, yoslst in the first stitch and in each across.  (71)

R17: Ch 1, sc3LO in the first stitch and in each across.  (71)

Tie off leaving an approximately 10” (25 cm) tail for sewing.  Weave in all ends except the one intended for sewing.

PRO TIP: When weaving in your ends, you will want to weave 2-3 directions, working your needle underneath the backsides of your stitches first in one direction, then return back the way you came, then if you have enough tail, back the first direction again.  Be sure to weave Color A tails into a Color A section and Color B tails into a Color B section.  To see how I tie off and weave in my ends, check out my Crochet 101: Finishing Touches video.


The twist feature of the ear warmer is made by folding and sandwiching the short sides of our rectangle in a specific way (see schematic below), then sewing them together. 

Image shows two schematics. The first on the left is labeled "fold and align inside ends to inside centers" and shows the top of the forward facing C aligned with the center of the backward facing C and the bottom of the backward facing C aligned with the center of the forward facing C. Arrows indicate to move the C's toward one another.  The exteriors of both C's are labeled "wrong side" to indicate the backside of the fabric.  The second schematic is labeled "Sew through all 4 layers" and shows the top of the forward facing C touching the inside center of the backward facing C and the bottom of the backward facing C touching the inside center of the forward facing C.   Dotted lines indicate sewing through all four layers in a back and forth motion across the sandwiched C's.

Step 1: With the “wrong side” or backside of your rectangle facing out, grab each short end of your rectangle and fold them to create a C and backward C shape.

Top-most arrow pointing to the untextured side of the fabric is labeled "wrong/back side"; the two middle arrows pointing to the fold of the C shapes of the folded fabric are labeled as the "inside centers"; the bottom arrow pointing to the bumpy textured side of the fabric is labeled "right/front side."

Step 2: Line up the end of one C with the inside center of the other C for both ends, making sure to keep your yarn tail on the outside of the sandwiched layers.

Step 3: With the long tail, sew through all four layers sandwiched together to seam your ear warmer closed.  I used a running stitch worked as indicated in the second schematic above, working from one end to the other and back again. 

Flip right side out and voila!

You did it!! Congratulations!! What do you think about all that lovely bumpy texture? Don’t you just love it?

I would LOVE to see your ear warmers! Should you choose to share, use the tags #EmberlyEarWarmer and / or #LaBelleVieForMe to share your makes with me @HooksBooksWanderlust on Instagram and / or Facebook!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern and found it easy to follow! If not, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Email me at

Happy crocheting!

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