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The Ways We Hide

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The Ways We Hide

by Kristina McMorris
Read By: Cassandra Campbell
Published by: Recorded Books Media
Publish Date: September 2022
Genre(s): Audiobook, Historical Fiction, WW2
HB&W Rating: 4
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A sweeping World War II tale of an illusionist whose recruitment by British intelligence sets her on a perilous, heartrending path.

As a little girl raised amid the hardships of Michigan’s Copper Country, Fenna Vos learned to focus on her own survival. That ability sustains her even now as the Second World War rages in faraway countries. Though she performs onstage as the assistant to an unruly escape artist, behind the curtain she’s the mastermind of their act. Ultimately, controlling her surroundings and eluding traps of every kind helps her keep a lingering trauma at bay. 

Yet for all her planning, Fenna doesn’t foresee being called upon by British military intelligence. Tasked with designing escape aids to thwart the Germans, MI9 seeks those with specialized skills for a war nearing its breaking point. Fenna reluctantly joins the unconventional team as an inventor. But when a test of her loyalty draws her deep into the fray, she discovers no mission is more treacherous than escaping one’s past.

Inspired by stunning true accounts, The Ways We Hide is a gripping story of love and loss, the wars we fight—on the battlefields and within ourselves—and the courage found in unexpected places.

Synopsis source: Goodreads


Thank you to Recorded Books Media and Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for my honest review.

Fenna Voss has been through a lot in her short life. She’s a survivor, but that comes with its own problems to survive. Intensely afraid of the dark and tight, enclosed spaces, and of not being in control of a situation, these events did nothing to diminish Fenna’s compassion, empathy or loyalty. When the friend who helped her through some of the most traumatic events of her life needs help, she will venture into a war zone and face down her worst fears to save him.

Fenna could be a bit infuriating at times, making decisions based on fear and out of impulsivity instead of thinking things through, especially in occupied Poland, where a single mistake could end a life. It takes a while for her to recognize this in herself, but she did eventually get there.

McMorris does a beautiful of job crafting a story across many varied events and decades, shining a light on real-life events that the story was inspired by. The pacing could be pretty slow at times, but that did nothing to stop my desire to compulsively listen to this audiobook every second I could.

Cassandra Campbell did a phenomenal job performing this audiobook. She does not simply read it, but puts emotion into each word, bringing the nuance of the story to life.

Weaving more than just WW2 history into the story, this story about friendship, love, loyalty, and overcoming fear connects several different historical events in a thoughtful way, breaking your heart and putting it back together again as if by magic.

If you enjoy historical fiction, especially about WW2, you should consider reading this book!

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