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Hello friends!

The holiday season is upon us and I can’t tell you how often people ask me, “What should I get for my friend/family member who crochets?” So I thought I would take a minute to make a list of my favorite things and share them here with you!

Now, these are in no particular order, just the order in which I thought to write them down and I’ve tried to come up with a wide variety of price ranges, just to keep things real.

Also, I just want to mention that unless specifically requested, there are items I don’t recommend buying for experienced crocheters, like hooks or yarn. If they’ve been doing this for a while, they probably know what they like and have gotten it for themselves already. That said, I offer alternative ideas below for you, don’t worry!

Yarn Winder

This little work horse doesn’t look like much, but it is a huge time saver! It attaches to a countertop/table and turns hanks and skeins into cakes! It makes working the yarn easier using the center pull of a cake instead of a tangled skein.

Mine is from KnitPicks, and it’s super reasonably priced as well, especially if you catch them on a sale! Whatever you do, when shopping for a winder, make sure it is offset/tilted like this, otherwise it doesn’t work ::cough:: Hobby Lobby ::cough::.

Yarn Swift

Another handy tool for winding cakes of yarn is a yarn swift. It looks more complicated than it is, I promise! It also attaches to a table or countertop and expands like an umbrella. Just wrap that giant loop of yarn around it after untwisting your favorite hank of yarn then open it up and as you wind, it will spin to unfurl the yarn and feed it to the winder! Such a time saver! This one is from Michaels, but WeCrochet has a couple that just scream craftsmanship.

Embroidery Scissors

One can never have too many pairs of sharp scissors. Pictured here are a few of my favorites. I love a pretty pair for those staged pics for the gram, but I also love my snips. The important thing is that they’re sharp! I also like to have a folding set for taking on planes or traveling, but when I went to take this picture, I couldn’t find them…I guess those will be going on my own list this year! I have scissors in every project bag because it’s easier, and since collecting project bags is another favorite hobby of crocheters, you can’t go wrong with more scissors!

Project Bags

Speaking of project bags…these are another great idea! I purchased my go-to project bag on Amazon (left) and added a little vinyl wording to it. I have some handmade bags as well from The Prickly Owl (center) and Coley Handmade (right). What I look for in a project bag: pockets, zippered compartments, and lots of room. Etsy is full of options for project bags made by makers for makers, like this and this.

Hook Storage

Hook cases, bags, or rolls are always great as well! I have several sets of hooks and several hook cases, accordingly. When storing an entire set of hooks, I prefer hook cases or rolls with segmented places for individual hooks, small zippered compartment for scissors, tape measure, and stitch markers, and still small enough to be thrown into a project bag. I bought myself the blue case (center top) from Amazon years ago. I can’t find this exact case any longer, but this one is set up the same way, just a different print. Center bottom, I store my larger hooks in this hook roll from Lima Bean Loves!

Sometimes though, you don’t need to take the whole set, so bags are nice for those purposes. Cute pencil cases like the top left from Amazon, or my zippered wristlet from Coley Handmade (top right) are perfect!

Furls Lucet Fork

I asked my dad for a Furls Lucet Fork last year for Christmas. He took one look at it and had NO CLUE what it was or what it was for, but he heard the excitement in my voice when I explained that it would help me make cords so much faster and easier! Plus, my wood-worker dad appreciated the beauty of the tool. So without missing a beat, he gifted me with this beautiful Lucet Fork. He also generously included the next item I recommend!

Furls Gift Card

I’m in love with the beauty, quality and craftsmanship of all Furls has to offer. From ergonomic hooks to tools, everything is crafted with care and they stand behind their product. I won’t lie, these items are a luxury and are typically pretty expensive, but that’s all the more reason to gift someone with a Furls gift card, allowing them a little help buying something they might otherwise not be able to.

Needle Case

Needle cases are like scissors for me…one in every hook case. They keep my needles easy to locate and tidy. I have a couple from Furls now, because they’re just so pretty, but my first was the Clover Chibi set that comes with needles included. The Clover sets can be purchased at almost any craft store or online.

Insta-Worthy Tools

Whether posting on social or not, what creative person doesn’t appreciate beauty in even the most utilitarian of tools. I highly recommend Furls, but that’s not always price accessible for everyone. These crafty tools pictured here, a WPI tool and a gauge ruler, were made for me by my step-dad, who sadly does not (yet) sell them. However, there are several items like them on Etsy. Check out SunriseGrove or Katrinkles for tons of cute options, and you’d be supporting small as well!

Gift Cards for Yarn

Yarn is another one of those things that makers get particular about, so unless you know exactly what kind of fiber, colors, weight and type of project they would make with it, it’s probably best to give them a gift card to their favorite yarn shops. Gift cards to big box craft stores like Joann’s and Michaels are a great gift idea! Want to treat them even more? Consider buying a gift card to one of their favorite independent yarn shops or small-batch dyers, or even just to Etsy, where they can shop several small batch dyers at once!

Etsy Gift Card

I know, I know, gift cards can be so impersonal, but the truth is, in my case at least, I know exactly what I like as a maker, and chances are so does the person you’re buying for. Gift cards to favorite shops are always a winner. Since I love to support other small business owners, many of my favorite shops are on Etsy. I can shop patterns, printable item tags, faux leather tags, pom poms, and so so much more! Some of my favorite shops are Savlabot, CoolStitchesNStuff, KathysCozies, TheKnottyBoss, to name a few! Check out all of my favorite Etsy shops here!

Craft Store Gift Card

I’ve already mentioned that, many times, experienced crocheters probably have their own preferences for things like yarn, hooks, and such, and while I don’t always recommend buying the physical items (especially hooks), you can’t go wrong with a gift card to their favorite big box craft store. This lets them get what they know they prefer and then you know your gift is getting used! My favorite big box store is Joann’s because they always have great sales and coupons, but my second choice is Michaels because they have so many locations that they’re bound to be close by.


Patterns are also one of those hard to shop for things when looking for another person. So unless there is something you see as you’re browsing that just screams that person’s name, it can be hard to decide what they might like. Luckily, the ladies at Studio Crochet will be launching their 4th edition of their digital magazine, the Texture Edition! Seven beautifully textured designs using simple stitches across a variety of project types make this issue a perfect gift idea for any crocheter!

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also suggest my own patterns! 😉 They’re on Etsy, so if you went with an Etsy gift card like suggested above, they’ll be all set!

Crocheter Swag

Do you craft with vinyl or sublimation? You might consider grabbing cut files from Etsy and making a fun shirt, or project bag! I’ve got several in my Etsy shop, LaBelleVieMaisOui, like the 3 Pretty Hanks file pictured, but there are tons of others out there as well!

Not crafty? No problem! Luckily, there are tons of finished items out there as well! Check out Tangerine8, Crafting4Weeks, or search apparel, stickers, enamel pins, and tumblers!

Coffee & Tea

Does your favorite yarnie enjoy a hot beverage while they work? I know I sure do! Nothing beats sitting down with a project, an audiobook playing, and a hot cup of my favorite teas. I love Harney & Sons teas, as well as Twinnings Ultra Spice Chai. If you see me with a mug, its likely one of them! Pair the brew with a cute new mug for that little extra!


If the person you’re buying for is also a book lover, you might consider audiobooks! Audible is an obvious choice, but its subscription only, so I highly recommend Chirp. Chirp is NOT subscription-based. It is an audiobook streaming app that allows you to purchase what you want and it will always be available to you. There are always great deals on books too! You can purchase a gift card for a monetary value or gift a specific title and let your loved one get their stitches in while listening to a new book! Gift Chirp here.

Crochet Books

Whether just starting out or a seasoned professional, crochet books are sure to please! These are the four I personally own and use frequently, especially the Crochet Stitch Dictionary by Sarah Hazell, which I refer back to for inspiration so often. For beginners, I recommend the IG Crochet book by June Gilbank and Debrosse’s Modern Crochet. More experienced crocheters might enjoy Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary by Dora Ohrenstein, which shows how to work tons of decorative stitches in (you guessed it) every way, great for shaping garments!

If you want additional inspiration, check out my Gifts for Yarn Lovers collection on Etsy or my Gifts For Crocheters board on Pinterest!

I hope that gives you some ideas for the favorite yarnie in your life this holiday season, even if that yarnie is yourself…sometimes you have to treat yourself, too, right?

Until next time, happy shopping!


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