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Magic Knot

Hello there!

It’s my first tutorial of 2023, the Magic Knot, woohoo! It’s a secure way to join a new skein to an old one using a knot that wont unravel and doesn’t require ends to be woven in. This is a technique that was one of the most difficult for me to master, mostly because my brain couldn’t focus on and follow the multiple strands of yarn as it was shown in other tutorials.

Once I figured out a way of looking at those strands that made it make sense in my own head, I was able to do it effortlessly without having to look up a tutorial each time. Just in case there are others whose brains are wired like mine, I thought I would share how I look at it to maybe make it make sense to others too. Or muddy the waters even more, I don’t know. I hope not!

Pin Image: Crochet Tutorial: Magic Knot; Photo and Video Tutorial.

If you’re subscribed to my YouTube Channel, then you may have already seen the video tutorial for this technique posted there. Today I’m going to share my written photo tutorial for it, but I’m posting the video below for you so you have both options available to you in one place! Woohoo!

“Pretzel Knot”

The first step to understanding the magic knot is to understand what I call the “pretzel knot.” I’m sure it has another actual name, but I don’t know what that is and the shape before pulling it closed looks like a pretzel, hence the moniker. You’re probably already familiar with it. This is the basic knot you tie on a single string when you need a knot in the strand, likely without even thinking of it. You make a loop out of the strand with the tail crossed under the length of the string, then feed the tail through the loop. Before you pull tight, look at the shape. Pretzel!

Keep that pretzel knot in mind as we make the magic knot.

Magic Knot

A magic knot is two pretzel knots that have been made with the lengths of the opposite yarn secured through the center of them. Those knots then slide together when pulling on their respective yarn lengths (the working yarn attached to your project and the new skein) to form the double knot we call the magic knot. So let’s break it down!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If there’s a stitch or technique you’d like to see me make a tutorial for, let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

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