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Till There Was You

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Culinary student Lexi Berman, 24, has one goal: to make her late mother proud by becoming an executive chef in a Michelin-star restaurant. And she isn’t going to let anything–or anyone–get in the way. But when she meets Jake Taylor, a dive bar musician who charms her with show tunes, she makes a rare exception to her no-dating rule. After a steamy weekend together, Jake leaves for L.A. to record his demo, and Lexi never expects to see him again. And she definitely doesn’t expect him to become an overnight celebrity, with a breakout single that’s almost certainly about her famous blueberry pancake recipe.

As Jake’s star rises and the world speculates about the subject of his song, Lexi keeps the affair to herself. After all, she’s finally found her footing at her new restaurant job, and even has a prospective romance with her coworker. But when a distraught Jake turns up on her doorstep late one night, her carefully-laid plans are thrown for a loop. Though she and Jake try to be friends, things between them soon reheat faster than a bowl of Lexi’s matzah ball soup. But a relationship with Jake means risking her face in tabloids, withstanding cruel internet comments, and worst of all, jeopardizing her career. As Jake’s upcoming tour approaches, and rumors swirl about him and another pop star, Lexi has to decide if holding onto her meticulously-planned future is worth walking away from what could be the perfect recipe for love.

Set both in the chaos of fame and the high stakes world of New York City restaurants, this novel sprinkles in a second chance at love and a dollop of celebrity drama to create a romantic romp that will make even the most jaded reader smile.

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Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance
HB&W Rating: 3.5
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This was a cute, fun, and easy read. It was polished and well-planned. I liked the characters, the rockstar/normal girl trope. I was nervous that there would be a love triangle, given the way the synopsis was written, but there wasn’t, really. I also really liked Lexi’s character growth by the end of the book and how she owned her mistakes. 

It was a pretty straightforward romance plot, nothing you’ll be surprised by. There was enough drama to build the story, but not an excessive amount of contrived situations, for which I was grateful. That stuff annoys me. Instead, it was believable problems with reasonable solutions and great character growth, as I mentioned. 

The romance was more sweet than spicy. There were a few on-page spicy scenes but they were pretty low-key, not graphic at all.

While I really enjoyed it, I’m not sure I’ll remember much about it after posting this review, but it’s no less enjoyable and totally worth it!

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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