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Ill-Fated Fortune

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The first in the heart-warming and deliciously mysterious Magical Fortune Cookie series from Lefty Award-nominee Jennifer J. Chow.

Felicity Jin grew up literally hanging onto Mom’s apron strings in their magical bakery in the quaint town of Pixie, California. Her mother’s enchanted baked goods, including puffy pineapple buns and creamy egg tarts, bring instant joy to all who consume them. Felicity has always been hesitant in the kitchen herself after many failed attempts, but a takeout meal gone wrong inspires her to craft some
handmade fortune cookies.

They become so popular that Felicity runs out of generic fortunes and starts making her own personalized predictions. When one customer’s ill-fated fortune results in his murder, Felicity’s suspiciously specific fortune has the police focusing on her as the main culprit. Now Felicity must find a way to turn her luck around and get cleared from suspicion.

Synopsis source: Goodreads


Genre(s): Contemporary, Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Magical Realism
HB&W Rating: 3.5
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Available February 20, 2024

This was a really enjoyable read! I loved the bakery setting, the magical elements, and the mystery. Whiskers might have been my favorite and I look forward to getting to see more of the enigmatic and mysterious Alma. I would have liked to have seen more of a balance in the relationship between Kelvin and Felicity, because it felt like he was always dropping everything to do and be everything for her, but there wasn’t much give back. I wished there was a bit of humor sprinkled into the story to make it a bit lighter, as that’s what I’ve come to expect with cozy mysteries.

Still, I really enjoyed it and even my 9-year old son was interested in it after reading a bit of it over my shoulder. He was enamored of the idea of magical fortune cookies. It was PG enough that if he wants to read it, I will let him, which is nice too. It’s a good, clean, wholesome mystery.

Now, I really need some fortune cookies! Good thing the book comes with a recipe for making them at the end!

This book releases in February, so be sure to pick up a copy then!

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press, Minotaur Books for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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