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The Unmaking of June Farrow

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A woman risks everything to end her family’s centuries-old curse, solve her mother’s disappearance, and find love in this mesmerizing novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Spells for Forgetting.

In the small mountain town of Jasper, North Carolina, June Farrow is waiting for fate to find her. The Farrow women are known for their thriving flower farm—and the mysterious curse that has plagued their family line. The whole town remembers the madness that led to Susanna Farrow’s disappearance, leaving June to be raised by her grandmother and haunted by rumors.

It’s been a year since June started seeing and hearing things that weren’t there. Faint wind chimes, a voice calling her name, and a mysterious door appearing out of nowhere—the signs of what June always knew was coming. But June is determined to end the curse once and for all, even if she must sacrifice finding love and having a family of her own.

After her grandmother’s death, June discovers a series of cryptic clues regarding her mother’s decades-old disappearance, except they only lead to more questions. But could the door she once assumed was a hallucination be the answer she’s been searching for? The next time it appears, June realizes she can touch it and walk past the threshold. And when she does, she embarks on a journey that will not only change both the past and the future, but also uncover the lingering mysteries of her small town and entangle her heart in an epic star-crossed love.

With The Unmaking of June Farrow, Adrienne Young delivers a brilliant novel of romance, mystery, and a touch of the impossible—a story you will never forget.

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HB&W Rating: 5 stars
Genre(s): Fiction, Magical Realism, Romance, Mystery
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This is the second time we’ve chosen this author for a book club pick, and it’s little wonder why! Adrienne Young has a gift with words, writing in ways that connect us with the characters and story in magical ways. Psst, check out previous BWSBC pick Spells for Forgetting.

Young writes unique and compelling stories with a transportive atmosphere that permeates every story I’ve read of hers, and June Farrow is no different. This story is so richly layered and complex. It was mind-bending in the best ways! It is a beautifully-crafted, immersive story with magical realism time travel elements, a bit of romance, a small town setting, and a rich family history. If you enjoyed Spells for Forgetting, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

A family curse, a long-buried secret, a mysterious disappearance, an unsolved murder, and a life she can’t remember, June has a lot going on.  As June comes to terms with the confounding concept of time travel and its repercussions, the story asks the question, who do you trust when everyone is keeping secrets and you can’t trust anyone, even yourself?

Trying to follow along with the breadcrumbs and keep up with the varying timelines made me wonder if the madness that afflicted the Farrows had come for me too, but in the best way. I admit that I didn’t fully understand the time-travel until pretty much the last 20% of the book. But given that our main character was trying to make sense of it as well, I don’t think we were supposed to figure it out any sooner. That confusion really immersed me in the story and blinded me to a surprise I didn’t see coming.

With The Unmaking of June Farrow, Young delivers another stellar example of magical realism, writing in that way she has that will leave you looking for doors of your own to step into places unknown.

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