Hello, and welcome to my little online library of sorts!

When I was a young girl, I remember most of my friends having a stack of books, or a milk crate full, and some yet, maybe a shelf or two, but me? I had two whole bookcases, shelf after shelf of books, all to myself.  Nancy Drew, Goosebumps, R.L. Stein, Babysitters Club…books, lots of them.  It only got worse when I started working at Borders Books in high school.  There were times my mom would get after me for reading when I should be sleeping, catching me with my flashlight and a book under the covers.  I’ve gone to midnight release parties, author signings, and own way more bookmarks than I should.  My favorite genres: mystery/suspense, psychological thrillers, some sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and non-fiction, contemporary fiction…most of the big ones really. I.  Love.  Books.

I started a Goodreads profile not long after they launched, not so much for the social aspect so much as a way to keep track of what I’ve read. Sometimes I’ve been half-way through a book before I realized I had read it already, yikes!  I needed some organization.  To be honest, I still don’t cultivate the social aspect of it, and if you send me a message through their site, I likely won’t reply in a timely manner, but there are lots of other people I follow because my book tastes are similarly aligned with theirs.  Not just similar genres, but what we like in a book’s plot, characters, etc.  So I started to write reviews so that people who find their tastes similarly aligned with mine will get my honest opinion, and hopefully help them decide whether to spend time and money on a story.  If you want the most complete list of books I’ve read, then Goodreads is where you should look. Not every book I read makes it to a review on my blog here.  But I will usually add it on Goodreads and rate it, if nothing else.

Here on the blog, however, I take my time to really explore what I like and don’t like about a book.  While on occasion I receive titles from the publisher or author at no cost to me, the opinions expressed are always my own, and I’ll always disclose any gifted titles.  If I like it, I’ll tell you why; if I don’t, I’ll tell you why not.

Disclaimer:  I’m not an English major, so my reviews are not critiques so much as just feedback from from an average reader’s standpoint.  As readers, our reaction to a book has a lot to do with our personality and any life experience we may bring to the table, which can sometimes make or break a book.  I try to be respectful, of both the reader and the author.  I can appreciate how much hard work, time, and little pieces of the author’s soul go into writing a book, even if it’s not my favorite.  Similarly, I know that the reasons I don’t like a book may be reasons someone else does like it.  We are all entitled to our opinions, and these are mine.

Oh, and I’m kind of digging creating book lists.  I have a few out there, so go check them out!  If you have an idea for a list, shoot me an email! I’d love to know what you want to see!

Feel free to browse my Book Reviews and Book Lists from the menu bar, and happy reading!


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