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    London – Part 3: Shopping & Beyond

    I'm back again with the 3rd installment in my London trip series, talking about some shopping spots and other places farther from London that if you have more time, have a lot to offer as well in the way of history and culture.

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    London – Part 2: Food

    I'm back again with the second installment in my London trip series, this time to tell you all about the food!  From having High Tea (I'm a born tea lover, so of course this was a given while in England), to local eateries and icons, to our first Michelin star dining experience, London did not disappoint.

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    London – Part 1: Sightseeing

    Time to add some of the wanderlust element to the blog! Today kicks off a 4 part series on our trip to London, starting today with Part 1: Sightseeing! See what we thought about some of the popular sights as well as discover some hidden gems we visited!