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This policy is valid from 10/1/2018, last updated on 5/10/23.

The Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust blog (“Blog” or “Site”) is owned and authored by Kristen Caldwell (“Author”). Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust was created to provide the reader with inspiration to live their best life through the sharing of hobbies and experiences, and other interests. On this Blog, readers will find free crochet patterns and tutorials, book reviews and lists, and travel inspiration and tips, with a bit of crafting, DIY, home, and life sprinkled in.

The views and opinions expressed within this Blog are entirely the possession of the Author. Any product claims, statistics, quotes, or other representations should always be verified with the source.


Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions, or other forms of compensation. While the content of this Blog may be influenced by the appearance of these items on this Site, the opinions, experiences, and reviews described throughout belong solely to the Author and will remain unbiased so as to bring the reader the most honest and transparent information possible. Any content, product, marketing, or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

Affiliate Links

Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust may accept compensation through the form of affiliate marketing, meaning that the site will earn a commission for any product purchased through a provided affiliate link and no additional cost to the buyer. Please know that the Site will not link to anything the Author doesn’t personally use and love. Notice will be given on each applicable post containing affiliate links for the purpose of complete transparency.

Sponsored Content

Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust may be compensated to provide opinion on goods, services, apps, or other items or topics, but the compensation will NOT affect the honesty of the opinion. Some of those accepted goods, products and services may include but are not limited to craft tools, yarn, books, travel accessories, etc. This Site will always give the Author’s honest, unbiased feedback, reviews, and experiences.

Privacy Policy

Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust understands how much you value your privacy, and maintaining that privacy is of the utmost importance to this Blog. Here on this Site, we want you to know exactly what data is collected and what is done with it and why.

Please note that this policy may change from time to time as technology, services, or this Site’s general practices change. The most recent version of this policy will always be posted, but we will acknowledge a reasonable opportunity to consent to the change. If you do not consent to the new policy, your personal information will be used as was stated at the time your information was acquired. By using our services after the Effective Date, you consent by default to the terms outline in the most recent policy update.


When a reader leaves comments on the Site, the data collected in the form fields is collected, as well as the commentator’s IP address and browser user agent string to help detect spam comments.

Additionally, this Site is integrated with Gravatar, a service providing a globally recognized graphical representation of a person in a virtual environment. When a reader comments on the Site, the Site will send out a call to the Gravatar service to determine if a Gravatar account exists with the email address that was entered. If so, then Gravatar will send a copy of the commentator’s Gravatar back to the website to be displayed on the comment that the reader posts.

Email Addresses + Forms

Whether you enter your email address and any other personal information as required by the form you are filling out to post a comment, get in contact with the Author, sign up for a promotion or newsletter, etc., rest assured that your information will be used only for the intended purpose you entered it for, and only for as long as it is needed for that purpose, or until such time as you might wish to revoke that data collection.

If you have signed up for a promotion or newsletter, you may receive marketing or promotional information that a viewer of this Blog might be interested in. If you wish to edit the types of emails you receive or discontinue receiving them altogether, there will be links at the bottom of each email to update your preference or unsubscribe, respectively.

If you have entered your email address and other personal information in a form intended to sign up for a promotion or the Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust newsletter, your email address and any other information you entered in that form will be shared with Flodesk, the service that this Site uses for it’s marketing and promotional email platform. You can view Flodesk’s privacy policy here.

Log Files

Log files are files that record the activity on a Web server, activity such as what pages were viewed, when, and by whom, as well as other activity. These files provide valuable data to website developers and owners to predict trends, analyze data, and improve the overall function of a website. Data found in log files generally contain the internet protocol (IP) addresses and occasionally the URL associated with an IP address by means of a “Whois lookup,” date and time the page was viewed, referring/exit pages, number of clicks, browser information, and other demographic information (such as country of IP address origin), and other information. These types of data are not personally identifiable, as they are traceable only to an IP address and not a specific person.


Cookies are small text files created by a website and stored on your computer to enhance the experience of a website through user recognition of returning viewers, user preferences, targeted ads, remembering what items are in your “cart” when shopping online, and more. They are valid only for a certain amount of time, or until the user clears cookies from their browser history. Cookies are only text files, not computer programs, and as such, they cannot collect data on their own, nor glean any personal information from the user’s device, as long as the server does not already have that information. While cookies do not typically store identifying information about a user, it is possible that personal information this Site stores is linked to the information stored in cookies. To learn more about cookies, visit This Site uses Google Analytics and Jetpack for its data processing. To view the privacy policy for Google Analytics, click here. To view the privacy policy for Jetpack, click here. Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust uses cookies in the following ways.

Identification + Authentication + Security

Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust uses cookies to identify you when you visit, navigate, and interact with this Site both to ensure a positive user experience as well as to confirm that you’re not a spammer bot. This Site also uses cookies to aid in protecting any information you choose to enter into the various forms available throughout the Site, as well as adding a measure of security to the Site in general.

Enhanced Experience on the Site

Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust also uses cookies to ensure a positive user experience by “remembering” certain credentials you enter on this Site, if you so choose, to save you from needing to re-enter them again, as well as displaying advertisements that will be relevant to you. And because Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust cares about bringing you more content that you’re interested in, this Site also uses cookies to analyze the use and performance of the Site.

Advertising + Affiliate Marketing

Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust may use cookies to display advertisements on the Site that are relevant to you, for the purpose of delivering a relevant, personalized experience to you. If you click on an affiliate link, cookies will be used to ensure that you were referred to their website by Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust, thus ensuring proper referral credit to this Site. Please be aware that each link that takes you away from this Site will have their own privacy policies that may differ from this one. You are encouraged to view those websites’ respective policies prior to clicking on the link.


Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust uses Google Analytics to analyze the use of the Site. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather information about this Site’s use to then create reports about this Site’s use. Google’s privacy policy can be viewed here.

If you would prefer not to allow cookies, or should you choose to delete them from your computer, you can do so through most browsers, however, the method to do so can vary widely across the different browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc) and even across versions of those browsers. A quick search at your favorite search engine should return instructions to help you. In your search, you will want to stipulate the browser service you use (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc) and the version you are running — which can usually be found in your browser menu under “Help.”

Please keep in mind that rejecting or clearing cookies from your browser may have a negative impact on your user experience and render some areas of the Site unavailable, for this website, as well as others that you would use.

Embedded Content

Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust utilizes the embedding of certain content from other websites (ie videos, social media, images, articles, etc) to enhance your user experience on this Site. Viewing the embedded content on this Site is the same as if you are viewing it through their website directly. Those websites may collect data from you, use cookies and/or other tracking information if you have an account and are logged in to that website from your browser or device. Each of those sites have their own Privacy and Data Collection Policies, and you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with their respective policies.

Other Data Collection

Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust may collect other information from you that you voluntarily provide, such as your name, comments that you post, postal code, screen name and password (if applicable). Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust may also collect information from other sources as well, like social media platforms, verification services, data services, market research surveys and other public sources. This data may be combined with your registration data in order to create a more comprehensive profile.

Your Data Rights + GDPR

You have the right to:

  • Access your data – you may request to receive an exported file of the data this Site has collected about you, including data you have provided voluntarily
  • Ensure the accuracy of your data
  • Direct Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust to delete your data
  • Restrict further processing of your data
  • Complain to the relevant data protection supervisory authority for your country of residence in the event your data has been misused or abused, or if you believe your data was collected in an unlawful way

You may exercise your rights as stated above with regards to your personal data by written notice addressed to Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust at the following address:

c/o La Belle Vie Mais Oui
PO Box 362
Fenton, MO 63026

Copyright + Terms of Use

  • You may not sell my patterns, or claim them as your own.
  • You may make items from my patterns to sell either online or in person (Etsy, craft fairs, etc.), but I kindly ask that you link back to Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust for proper attribution for the design.
  • You may share Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust designs on social media by linking back to the original post on this Site.
  • You may not copy and paste any part of the patterns on this Site anywhere at any time.
  • Any physical copies of Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust patterns, whether purchased or created by you, are for personal use only and NOT permittable for distribution. The Author has created inexpensive PDFs of the patterns available on this Site for purchase on Etsy or Ravelry.
  • You may choose one (1) image per pattern to be used in a round-up post so long as the image is linked back to the original blog post on this Site.
  • You may not alter my images in any way (no cropping of watermarks), except in the case of a round-up collage, where it is expected that the image will appear untouched within the body of the post and linked back to the original blog post on this Site.
  • You may not use these patterns to create machine-made, mass produced versions.
  • You may not use my photos to promote your sale of finished items. You need to take your own photos of your own finished items.

© Kristen Caldwell | Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust, all rights reserved. The content, intellectual property, and photos contained throughout this Site, unless otherwise stated, are the property of Kristen Caldwell, all rights reserved. In accordance with U.S. copyright laws, you may not alter, sell, or distribute this content, intellectual property, photos, or other material in whole or in part, in any way without express written permission from Kristen Caldwell.

Terms + Conditions

This Site may contain errors and may not always be up to date. Additionally, the experiences and recommendations provided throughout the Site are the personal experiences and opinions of the Author and are not a guaranteed outcome and so should not form the sole basis for any decision you make or action you choose to take or not take. Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust is not liable for anything you do or don’t do based on the information found on this Site. Use the information you acquire on this Site with all due diligence.

Mandatory Arbitration.* Any controversy or claim between or among the parties, including those arising out of or relating to this Policy as described above, shall at the request of any party be determined by arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted in Jefferson County, Missouri, in accordance with the United States Arbitration Act (Title 9, U.S. Code). The arbitrator(s) shall give effect to statutes of limitation in determining any claim. Any controversy concerning whether an issue is arbitrable shall be determined by the arbitrator(s). Judgment upon the arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. The institution and maintenance of an action for judicial relief or pursuit of a provisional or ancillary remedy shall not constitute a waiver of the right of any party, including the plaintiff, to submit the controversy or claim to arbitration if any other party contests such action for judicial relief.

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If you have any questions regarding the information discussed above, please feel free to contact Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust by email at

Or write to us at:

Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust
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You may also request a copy of this Policy, available as a PDF, via email at

*This clause is a modified version of a template provided by Law Insider.