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Okay, let’s be real.

How many WIPs do you have that have been hanging around so long you don’t remember where you left off in the pattern exactly, or what hook size you were using?  How many times have you made something and want to make it again but can’t remember exactly what you did the last time (what hook size you used, any modifications you made, what yarn you used etc)?  Enter this Project Tracker!

Keep track of all the pertinent details while you’re working, even which row or round you’re on so that no matter how much time passes between when you put the pattern down and when you pick it up again, you know exactly what you need to do when you do.

It’s perfect to print along with your pattern (and particularly if you don’t have a printed pattern) so you have a record and then when you’re wearing your new make and someone says, “Hey, can you make one for me?” you can confidently say “absolutely!”

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