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Did I say printable, singular? I meant printableS, plural…as in THREE!

Three staggered Flat Circle cheat sheets are laid out on a wooden background with a partially-crocheted flat circle in cream yarn and bamboo hook, a candle on a cream-colored Marigold Coaster, some greenery off to the side, and a cream colored mug of light colored tea displayed around them

Let’s talk about….gulp….flat circles.

I know. They’re a little scary, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably frogged millions of stitches trying to get it juuuuust right. Stop throwing your wavy or bowl-shaped circles un-satisfyingly across the room (they just don’t really have the weight to give any satisfaction to throwing them, ya know?)

This month’s free printable is actually three free printables! I wanted to provide you with a resource that covers everything I could think of regarding flat circles, including all the math, various methods, pros and cons, and more. And because I know that one size does not fit all, I also made a couple of extra stitch count calculators/trackers for you as well!

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