Pattern Testing

Hi there!

Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a pattern tester for me! Here’s a bit about what you can expect from me and from the process!

Tester Calls

When I’ve got a first draft ready for testing, I look to my email subscribers first. Since doing this, I have only had to seek outside testers from other locations once. So if you’re interested in testing for me, your best chance at doing so is subscribing to my newsletter and selecting ‘crochet’ as one of your interests.

Find out more about my newsletter, what’s included, how often I email, etc. and sign up at the button below. Plus, I include a free printable cheat sheet for blanket sizing!

When you see an email for a tester call, you’ll be able to view all the relevant details about the pattern itself then click a link that goes to my pattern details page here on my blog. That page has a link to the tester application at the bottom, which takes you to a Google Form to fill out.

If you are selected, you’ll receive an email from me to confirm your ability to test, because let’s face it, life happens sometimes and what you were able to do yesterday may not fit into your schedule today. I get it! If it’s all good, then I’ll add you to the Slack channel (group chat), where you’ll find the PDF and other people working the pattern!

What I’m Looking For

I am looking for detail-oriented crocheters of varying levels of experience (beginners welcome!) to help me make my patterns the best they can be. I try not to be too needy, but do require the following:

  • Slack: I run pattern tests on Slack, a free app for phone, tablet, and desktop that can be found in most app stores.  I find it very useful in uploading files (like pattern revisions, non-compressed photos, etc.) to be shared with a particular workgroup/channel, and the entire testing group, as well as myself, will be available to answer questions if the need arises.  You can create your free account at
  • Notes: I stare at this pattern so much that I become blind to the little things, so I will need you to be on the lookout for any errors in grammar, punctuation, technical aspects, etc. Be detailed, you won’t hurt my feelings :o)
  • Photos: Please send at least one progress and one finished project photo, submitted to me with your notes. Please ensure they are clean and well-lit, natural light where possible. Avoid direct sunlight, which creates a hard contrast between the harsh light and shadows.
    • I will be sharing your work on my social media as well via Stories or main feed, and anywhere else I promote the pattern, with proper credit to you of course!
  • PUBLIC Social Media: It’s a beast, but it’s a must. Here’s why…
    • I need to see samples of your work as part of the application process – I can’t approve what I can’t see.
    • I would like you to share at least 1 photo of your work using the hashtag(s) you will find in the pattern – Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry, Reddit whatever platform you use.
    • I want to give you proper credit and maybe throw some followers your way! If you share your work and tag me, I can share your work on my page too and that might get you some followers!
  • Deadlines: Adhering to due dates is ESSENTIAL. I’m often on a deadline so adhering to the due date is a must. If you’re unsure about making a given due date, please apply at another time.
  • Copyright: By applying to test, you assert your promise to protect my intellectual property by not copying, reproducing, or distributing my pattern.

If You Feel Inclined

The next few things are not required, but if you feel like doing it, I would sure appreciate it!

  • Add your project to Ravelry – a tester code will be provided for the test.
  • Post additional progress or project photos
  • Promote the release on social media
  • Tell all your maker buddies (only if you love it!)

That’s it! Testing can be a lot of fun and it’s a great way to meet new yarn-minded people from all over the world! Not to mention, it’s always fun to work on a pattern with friends!

Thanks for your interest!


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