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    The Mystery of Mrs. Christie

    The real life mystery of what really happened during the 11 days that Agatha Christie went missing remains unsolved, the truth dying with Agatha and perhaps her ex-husband, Archie. Still, the mystery has provided much speculation and spawned entertaining tellings of what might have happened, as in this novel.

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    The Only Woman in the Room

    Hedy Lamarr's life before Hollywood and her contributions to the scientific community have long gone unknown to the general public. The fact that her work serves as the largely unacknowledged foundation of the technology you are likely using to read this review (your mobile phone, wifi, etc.) is just a prime example of the way women were written out of history for far too long.

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    Salvation: A Novel Based on a True Story

    Based on true events, Del Munro is struggling to put food on the table, so when a traveling evangelist comes to town and offers to take the girls to the beach, Del jumps at the chance. But the girls don't return, and Del is fuzzy on the details, and where did she get the money for that new chair?