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    Day & Night Bookmark

    I love nothing more than when I can combine two of my favorite hobbies: crochet and reading. It had been a while since I'd made a bookmark, and because I've been on quite the fantasy kick lately, with my head in the clouds, I opted for a little something celestial. I give you....the Day & Night Bookmark!

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    20 Crochet Bookmark Patterns

    If you've been following along with me on Instagram or if you're a member of my email list, you may have seen where Ruthie of Teal Dragonfly Creations and I have started a couple of hashtags for those of you who, like us, are equal parts book and yarn enthusiast. If you love books and love working with yarn in any way, then #bookishyarnie and #booklovingyarnie are for you! In honor of our new hashtags, and in addition to the giveaway, I wanted to round up a list of patterns for bookmarks you might enjoy making!

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    Crochet Classroom Valentines

    With the holidays over and the decorations coming down, and all the retailers trotting out their Valentine's Day wares, I wanted to share a cute, quick, and easy craft you can do for your child's class room Valentine exchange.