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    The Henna Artist – Book Review

    The inspiration behind this story was the reimagining of the author's mother's life had she not wed at 18 and had 3 children by age 22, had she been able to choose her own path instead of uphold the cultural responsibilities of her sex. The vivid descriptions of the sights, sounds and smells really took me to India and had me dreaming of it for days after finishing.

  • A paperback copy of the novel "The Night Tiger" by Yangsze Choo sits on a white tray with an amber colored vase, some faux greenery, and a pair of glasses. The tray sits on a white bedspread next to a navy blue throw blanket.
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    The Night Tiger – Book Review

    This story, steeped with the many varied beliefs, myths, and superstitions of several cultures living in 1930s Malaya (now Malaysia), is richly evocative and nuanced with an ethereal quality to the story. Mystery, magic, and amazing world building, this is a sure-to-please read.

  • A hardcover copy of the book titled "The Last Story of Mina Lee" by Nancy Jooyoun Kim sits on a wicker tray with a lit cream colored candle and white mug of hot tea with a navy blue crochet blanket in the background.
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    The Last Story of Mina Lee – Book Review

    This book was just okay for me. Generally, most of the books I've read that had that coveted Reese's Book Club sticker on the cover, I have straight up loved, flipping pages long past my bed time, spending way too much daylight reading them. But while the premise of this story intrigued me, the story itself seemed to be just as confused as the one of our heroines, Margot.

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    A Man Called Ove – Book Review

    I almost didn't read this book. I wasn't really looking forward to it. After reading Bear Town about a year ago, which I didn't care for, I was afraid that this book wouldn't live up to the hype. But start it I did, and I'm glad for it.

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    The Little French Bistro – Book Review

    The author's writing was probably the best part of the book. Her way with words is admirable, and I could almost see, hear and smell the area of Brittany through her words. She also was, at times, very prosaic, which I appreciate as well. Her writing really brought the scene to life, but that's probably the only redeeming feature of this book.

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    When Dimple Met Rishi – Book Review

    This story has spirit, humor, and verve, and lessons to be learned. It has the sweetness of a first romance, and the rollercoaster of emotions when faced with staying true to yourself or to the mold someone else is trying to put you into, even when it’s well-meaning, and maybe, just maybe, being brave enough to be yourself anyway.