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    The Downstairs Girl

    Told from a Chinese-American girl's perspective during the time of women's suffrage in the antebellum south, this story covers intersectionality, racism, sexism, feminism and a love interest that hints at miscegenation - all topics that are still very much relevant today.

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    Blood Scion

    Restrained magic, prophesies, friendship, angry ancestral spirits, betrayal, UNrestrained magic, Orisha gods…this was a great ride!

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    The Poet X – Book Review

    I loved With the Fire On High so much that when I saw this book become available at my library, I jumped on it. I will admit that reading poetry was not something I was looking forward to. I like my poetry to rhyme and this wasn't that, but it had rhythm, and while at first reading the lines could feel a bit choppy, the emotion that the words and rhythm evoked just cut me to the quick.

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    Children of Blood and Bone

    Her family ripped apart, her father a shell of the man he used to be, she and her brother do what they can to take care of their father and each other, to put food on the table, and find what little enjoyment they can in life when they have so little, until one fateful day, the day magic returned, the day their lives changed forever.

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    When Dimple Met Rishi – Book Review

    This story has spirit, humor, and verve, and lessons to be learned. It has the sweetness of a first romance, and the rollercoaster of emotions when faced with staying true to yourself or to the mold someone else is trying to put you into, even when it’s well-meaning, and maybe, just maybe, being brave enough to be yourself anyway.